Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We decided we needed a pantry to clear up some counter and cabinet space in the kitchen. This pantry will be the future home of all foodstuff for the kitchen including cereals, pasta, oils, flour, etc. The kitchen will then have enough cabinet space for all our gadgets and hardware.

We closed off the weird doorway from the dining room to the laundry room and put this pantry in the corner of the laundry room where that doorway used to be. Can you visualize it?

Here are some pics...

I didn't think to take any pics during the process of building the shelves. Oops!

Here it is with the shelves completed and the main walls of the pantry up. One set of shelves is very deep, the other set is kinda shallow.

Here I have the rest of the framing up, with one sheet of drywall installed. Getting those pieces in the middle angled correctly took some time and a couple of wasted 2x4s. But it's perfect now! I'll find a use for those wasted 2x4's, don't you worry. I'm thinking chicken ladder...

My third hand.

Here it is fully drywalled, with our first visitor.

Here it is with the first coat of mud. Have I ever told you how much I hate mudding? No? Well, I hate it with a passion. By the time I get around to the third coat, my patience is gone and I rush through it. Since this is such a small job, I'm hoping I can dig around for some patience and do this thing right.

I won't bore you with anymore photos along the way to blissful pantry-dom. My next pantry post will be of the final product, fully stocked.

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